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New Year’s Resolutions

Here we are again at the start of a brand new year, balancing the side effects of too much holiday food along with the hope and anticipation of New Year’s resolutions.  The holidays are often quite stressful for many, and heading out of that scenario and moving directly into a rigid “resolution” pattern can be very difficult.  It’s during this first Acupuncture Winter Scenemonth that we feel most hopeful and excited about our potential to turn over that new leaf of exercise and proper diet and/or weight loss.

The gym is an incredibly busy place to be during this month, and the buzz and excitement of potential positive shifts and changes in one’s lifestyle feel well within reach.  The most common flaw in this plan for most people is that they try to change too much too soon, and end up feeling even worse about themselves and their potential.  Have you already started losing momentum towards your newly set goals?  What if, instead, you were gentle and loving towards yourself and created smaller, more obtainable goals for the first months after the holiday season?  What if you nourished yourself with love and self-care and tolerance rather than with rigid structure and a strict diet?

Consider focusing on just one realistic, attainable goal for the new year.  Work on pushing through your fear and self-limiting obstacles by practicing self- love and self- acceptance.  Finding a balance between taking care of the body and mind, especially after the stressful holiday season, could be the nourishment that you need as we move into the dark, damp and cold of January.

Holistic therapies such as acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, are really important this time of year to help increase immunity against colds, sore throats and flu viruses. Regular “tune-up” sessions acquired once every 4-5 weeks, can help to reset the nervous system and balance out the organs and energy meridians that flow throughout the body.  Regular acupuncture sessions can keep you healthy and improve physiological, emotional and mental function.  A tune-up session also releases endorphin which feels relaxing and nourishing for your body.