Yoga Classes Now Offered

Weekly Yoga Class

Carolina Health Innovations is happy to announce that we are now offering weekly yoga classes and instruction. These classes will be held on Thursday evenings from 6-7 PM and other scheduled times. Cost is only $10/session or a package of 8 sessions for only $70.

Yoga has benefits that can enhance anyone’s life.  The value of being relaxed, calm, renewed, coordinated, stronger, more flexible and with diminished tightness and pain cannot be underestimated if we want to live full and happy lives. With regular yoga practice, you can profoundly change your life.

Besides the spiritual well being that Yoga can provide, the different physical postures used in Yoga can help alleviate health problems, help reduce stress and help make the spine moreKaren Lucas Yoga Instructor supple. Yoga can also be used as a complete exercise and physical therapy routine.

Yoga Instruction led by Karen Lucas

CHI’s yoga classes are being led by Karen Lucas. Karen has been a certified Kripalu yoga instructor for 11 years and a student of yoga for over 20 years. Her style of yoga incorporates breath, safe postural alignment, body awareness and mindful movement. There are many styles of yoga, one to suit any person’s needs. In this gentle and therapeutic class designed for bodies with tightness and limitations, you will move safely and naturally. Karen will guide students to discover the healing powers of yoga.

Karen brings experience from years of study with many of the world’s most highly regarded master teachers from various styles of yoga. Expect an inspired, joyful and calming experience that will strengthen and open your body, heart and mind.

To read more about Karen, visit her website