Welcome To Carolina Health Innovations

We offer a unique service to the Greenville, SC area community by offering complete family wellness care, all under one roof. We provide a full range of family chiropractic services, a broad range of massage therapy services utilizing a wide selection of disciplines, and acupuncture from one of the most highly trained and experienced specialists available. We also offer nutritional counseling, customized exercise and fitness programs and even complete corporate wellness programs.

Our goal is to provide you the best rehabilitative and wellness care to people of all ages in the community. Not only to eliminate their pain, but also to correct the cause of their problems. We offer the latest non-surgical, non-evasive, gentle, safe, and effective techniques to ensure the quest for a long, healthy, and pain-free lifestyle.

We are conveniently located just off I-385, within 15 minutes of most areas of Greenville. Please give us a call at 864-331-2522 if we can be of service or if you would like to discuss your needs in more depth.

Recent Reviews:

  • Name : Khari L.
    Employee : Dr Kenneth Meisten
    Review : My name is Tiffany ONeal and I purchased a groupon for my fiance because he was experiencing lower back pain. First we started off with the 30 minute deep tissue massage which my fiance LOVED! Next we meet the doctor and he asked alot of questions and did alot of tests. Then he took 2 x-rays and was very detailed in explaining the x-ray. After that he did the adjustments by popping my fiancé’s back. He made the experience so relaxing and fun for the BOTH of us I HAD to write a review and we definitely go back.
  • Name : Cheryl F.
    Employee : LaRandi McAlister
    Review : We’ve all heard that “great things come in small packages!”, and LaRandi is no exception! She communicates well, and is great at working out my problem areas! Whether it’s a Swedish or Deep Muscle Massage, she’s tops!
  • Name : Cheryl F.
    Employee : Dr Kenneth Meisten
    Review : Dr.Meisten listens to what my complaints are, and always is very thorough in checking my range of motion after my adjustments.